Hate Groups in Ohio

Recent events have taught me that I don't know nearly enough about the history of hate groups in Ohio. Ohio has a disproportionate number of hate groups here, according to statistics collected by the Southern Poverty Law Council, claiming 35 of the nation's 917 hate groups, including one of the largest, Southern Ohio Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and the White Nationalist website the Daily Stormer. I'm hoping to enlist an author researching this topic and ultimately produce an accessible book about the subject for our Trillium regional imprint.

Seeking sources/expertise on mind-19th century steam vessels


I'm seeking information on small steamships in the mid-19th century to help me make sense of my sources who refer to the difficulty encountered with one at a crucial scene in my work.

Specifically this is a small river steamer something like 35 feet long brought to Alaska in 1865 from, apparently, New York. The sources refer to a type of engine newly patented. 

I hadn't intended for the boat to figure so prominently in the story, but you just never know about these things. So I'd appreciate any insight or source suggestions.


Jeff Johnson

Private clients of Attorney General Edmund Randolph circa 1791 to 1792

In the period 1791-1792, Attorney General Randolph had several private parties as clients. Such clients were involved in federal court cases and apparently also in state court cases. Such cases included:

Vanstophorst v MD (1791) -- Supreme Court of the United States

GA v Brailsford (1792) -- Supreme Court of the United States

Hayburn's Case (1792) -- Supreme Court of the United States

Re: Seeking 1802 "Journal of the Proceedings of the Legislative Council of the State of New Jersey"

Thank you Stephanie.

I had posted the question both here and on Facebook and found two sources for this publication - the one you mentioned and also a link someone gave me to a Readex PDF. The Princeton link is a better one since they are digital images of the printed document. The Readex is like a photocopy scan. Both are useable, but the quality is better on the Princeton site.

Query: Bar Ilan Responsa Project 1.0

Bar-Ilan Responsa Project 1.0
For a book I am currently writing, I'm searching for an image of the box in which the first version of the Responsa Project, 1.0, was
packaged and marketed when it was first released in 1992.   Failing that, I would settle for any one of the earlier versions.   If you own
a copy of the original box, I would be happy to discuss with you how we might arrange having a suitable digital image created from it.

Please contact me at David Stern dstern@fas.harvard.edu


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