Fertilizer history: anthropologist needs help from historians

I'm an anthropologist working on a book on agricultural change and the research is pulling me deep enough into the waters of agricultural history that I could use some help.  I have done as much digging on this question as I can and I'm asking this forum for any insights or leads.

Contemporary Plantation Weddings

I am an independent scholar interested in critical analysis of contemporary plantation weddings. One component of plantation weddings is the participation of an officiating clergy member conducting the wedding. I plan to publish on this subject in a scholarly venue and in other media, though I am also interested in possible discussion on this topic.

There has been considerable commentary in the media, but I don't find much scholarly analysis. This is a topic with an intersection of the issues of race, religion, history, historical memory, gender, cultural geography, and slavery. 

Research Query: Representations of Gabbais and Shammases

Dear colleagues,

I am working with archival materials from the 1970s in which American Jews are writing about their experiences in synagogues.

I seem to have a vague awareness that there was a popular stereotype of shammases and gabbais as stern old men, always shushing the children. Or maybe this was a trope in second-generation American Jewish fiction or memoirs?

Can anyone confirm or disconfirm this? Do any books come to mind that portrayed shammases and gabbais in this way?

Thank you,

Re: Colonial Pennsylvania lotteries?

You might take a look at Neal Elizabeth Millikan's 2008 University of South Carolina dissertation, "'Willing to be in Fortune's Way': Lotteries in the Eighteenth-Century British North American Empire." It was since published by Routledge as Lotteries in Colonial America, though I haven't seen that version and do not know whether the publisher kept Millikan's very helpful appendices.

Mark Boonshoft

New York Public Library

Response: Japanese veterans of military administration of Indonesia (1942-1945) still alive?

Hello David,

I notice that there have been no replies to your query yet so I thought I would offer an attempt.

Here is the official veterans group for the former Japanese Army: http://www.kaikosha.or.jp/

Here is the official veterans group for both the former Navy and the JSDF: https://suikoukai-jp.com/suikoukai/

Here is the government-run museum for preserving the oral testimonies of war veterans: http://www.shokeikan.go.jp/

Suggested readings/syllabus organization for "Gender in Southern History" course

I am seeking advice regarding suggested readings and/or syllabus structure/course schedule. My research primarily focuses on evolving conceptions of southern manhood in the context of the Civil War Era, which inherently involves broader gender conventions and roles of men and women in society. However, this will be my first time teaching a course on such issues, and I'm soliciting suggestions for assigned readings, course structure, etc. Any information or advice would be much appreciated.

Plantation Weddings

I am interested in critical analysis of plantation weddings. One component of plantation weddings is the participation of an officiating clergy member conducting the wedding. 

I have looked on JSTOR and found nothing. I have found online one article about plantation weddings in Louisiana literature, but otherwise nothing. 


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