CFP: Media Infrastructures in the Middle East

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below a CFP for an upcoming conference on Media Infrastructures in the Middle East that may be of interest to some on this list. 

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Josh L. Carney
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Media Studies
American University of Beirut

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The 158th Nichibunken Lecture "Revisiting the Chinese World Order: Soft Power or the Imperialism of Nation-states" by Prasenjit Duara

Date: Thursday, 27 June 2019

Time: 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Venue: Seminar Room 1, International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken)
       3-2 Goryo Oeyama-cho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 610-1192 Japan

Lecturer: Prasenjit Duara (Professor, Duke University/ President of Association for Asian Studies)

Commentators: Zhong Yijiang (Visiting Associate Professor, Nichibunken/ Associate professor, University of Tokyo)
                          Inaga Shigemi (Professor, Nichibunken)

Moderator: Kusunoki Ayako (Associate professor, Nichibunken)


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