CFA: Interactive EHRI Online Course in Holocaust Studies

The EHRI (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure) Project offers places in an interactive Online Course on “The Holocaust through the Perspective of Primary Sources” designed by EHRI-Partner Yad Vashem. The next course will begin on September 2017. With original documents and interviews with leading historians, it offers a comprehensive insight into various primary sources essential for Holocaust research. Discussions among the participants will be supervised and supported, with written assignments guaranteeing a high scientific standard.

American Indian Ethos

Hi Everyone,

A colleague and I are working on a encyclopedic-like text on Ethos, and I'm looking for a few scholars to write about a specific ethos of a nation/tribe's respective ethos. One of my greatest concerns about these contributions is co-opting or colonizing an ethos, so if you or a small group of colleagues are part of that nation/tribe, this would be most helpful.


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