Re: Distribution rights for "Comrades: Almost a Love Story"

I would advise contacting either Rim or Gordon's Film Company Ltd. to see if they still have the rights, but I sadly do not know how to find their contact information. The information is credited here, that is all I know. Rim does not seem to have distributed anything made since the 90s.

Distribution rights for "Comrades: Almost a Love Story"

I am hoping to screen this 1996 Peter Chan film starring Maggie Cheung and Leon Lai as part of a feature film series about migration.

Can anyone advise me regarding what company holds distribution rights and the best way to contact them for permission?  This is intended to be an educational event with no charge to participants.

My thanks in advance!  

Madeline Hsu

The University of Texas at Austin

open-access primary sources: NYPL Early American Manuscripts Project

Here is one more entry in our discussion of online, open-access primary sources for student research projects: the New York Public Library is currently digitizing 50,000 pages of early American manuscripts.  While the collection emphasizes political themes, it encompasses civic records, business documents, diaries, and other types of material as well.

Re: Query: Teaching Regions after the Election

For a more in-depth analysis of various processes of regionalism and spatial change in the United States, Donald Meinig's 4-volume set, The Shaping of America: A Geographical Perspective on 500 Years of History, is an incredible resource. I tap only a tiny portion of it but for example in Volume 3 (1850-1915) I use Part 3, Chapter 2, New Economic Regions (as well as Chapter 3, Railroads: The Contest for Territory) to help students think about the development of new regions as agriculture, forestry, mining and industry expanded out of the East Coast. Volume 4 goes up to 2000.

Re: Query: Seeking oral histories of migrants online

The oral history collection, translated into English, titled "California-Russian Emigre Series," part of Berkeley's oral history project, is entirely on-line and contains several oral histories of refugees/migrants who discuss life in several countries of exile, including China, the Balkans and the U.S. They were mainly conducted in the 1960s. Fedoulenko's is particular good for teaching.


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