QU: Concise Source on History of Feminism

I'm looking for a concise (article rather than book length) overview of the history of feminism (okay if it's primarily European/U.S. focused) for an interdisciplinary course that will draw students from various academic backgrounds. Everything I have found online is too simplisitc and follows an unproblemtized "wave" chronology. I'm looking for something that gives students a general idea of feminism as a capacious set of ideas and movements.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

Marisa Chappell

QU: Courses on global histories of women and gender?

My department is discussing a possible two-term sequence on women and gender in world history, probably team-taught.  We would benefit greatly from hearing from or about other history departments that have attempted something similar.  What books or other sources were used (of course, I have Bonnie G. Smith's three-volume collection)?  How was the course organized, in terms of temporality and breadth (e.g. to be genuinely "world history," not just "Western-plus")?

Jisc sets up new group-purchasing pilot with publishers to lower cost of digital archival collections

Jisc is working in collaboration with three publishers, ProQuest, Adam Matthew Digital and Brill, in order to make digital collections of primary source material more affordable for institutions to purchase, so that researchers, teachers and learners can enjoy access to an even wider range of resources.

Mildred S. Lucas elected as jailer of Daviess County

Mildred Summers Lucas of Owensboro has an interesting story - and though we're not sure how she herself felt about woman suffrage, it's worth sharing as part of the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project. Lucas was certainly the victim of misogynist sentiment against Kentucky women's full citizenship. She was born in Fairfax County, Va., to Wm. F. and Mariana (Johnson) Summers, and she married W.J. Lucas on October 4, 1865. She and W.J. Lucas had six childen: Thomas M., A. Blanch, G. Summers, Forrest F., Eegina B. and Anna B.

Anti-Suffragist Poem by Alice Smith Winston of Covington - "When Will Women Vote!" 1870

When Will Women Vote!
by Alice Smith Winston.

When, oh when, will women, gentle women vote?
When the birds cease sending sweet songs from their throat;
When the field-born lily learns to work and spin;
Then, hurrah for women! then, and not till then.
When the gold-bee homeward with but poison hies;
When the white-winged pigeon with the eagle flies;
When the lamb's soft bleating changes to a bark;
Then to woman's suffrage possibly we'll hark.


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