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The next Pali Online School from the OCBS will run 2 - 22 April.  The course runs six days a week for three weeks.  

The times of this course best suit American and European students.  It runs in the morning for America, and late afternoon/evening for Europe. 

The aim of the course is that by the end of it you will be able to translate original Pali texts, using normal aids such as dictionaries. 


Details of this April's course are as follows:

E17 Course dates: 2 - 22 April 2017

Downloading Nollywood Movies for teaching purposes

hello everyone, i need some help finding the best place to download some of the movies on the following list, I am a university lecturer and i am starting a nollywood course this semester. I would very much appreciate it if anyone who can help guide me in finding the best resources to download any of these movies, would kindly leave a reply or contact me through :

 if you have any suitable suggestions for other movies that are not on my list, and could be of value to my studetns, please do leave a comment.


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