CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT - Intersectional and Interdisciplinary: Global Feminist Scholarship, Activism, and Resistance

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The Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict is proud to announce our 7th annual conference!

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We envision this conference as an opportunity to bring together an intellectual community of feminists engaged in different forms of scholarship and practice including academic theorizing, art, and activism to share innovative ideas, approaches, and analyses for challenging gendered violence.

The Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict is committed to fostering creative and critical conversations about feminism which can form a basis for transnational collaboration and solidarity that move us closer to the realization of social justice. This future-oriented vision requires critical analyses of the oppressive forces that shape our everyday lives and that foster violence and exclusion, as well as engagement with our imaginative capacities to envision liberatory futures of justice, and strategies for responding to the urgent needs of those experiencing marginalization and oppression today.

To that end, paper presentations, panels, or other creative work from scholars, practitioners, artists and activists will be addressing the following themes:

* Solidarity, resistance, and feminist coalitional politics

* Intersectional and interdisciplinary feminist research

* Building inclusive feminist movements

* Gender, race, and conflict

* Art, creativity, imagination and feminist resistance

* Gender, peacebuilding, and the environment

* Theorizing power and agency

* Innovative approaches to addressing gender and conflict


Fees for will be collected to offset the costs associated the conference. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to all registered attendees. The fee schedule is as follows:

George Mason University Students and Faculty – Free

Non-GMU Graduate students - $30

Professionals (Other institutional faculty, practitioners, post-docs) - $100

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