CONF: International Workshop “The Great War seen from the ‘Periphery’: East Asia and Ibero-America”

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International Workshop “The Great War seen from the ‘Periphery’:

East Asia and Ibero-America”


Buenos Aires, Argentina,

July 25-26, 2017


Joint event organised by

Jan Schmidt (KU Leuven) and

María Inés Tato (CONICET - UBA, IHAYA, GEHiGue)




June 25


10.00-10.30: Opening remarks


10.30-11.30: Stefan RINKE (FU Berlin): “Media and the War in Latin America”


11.30-12.30: Jan SCHMIDT (KU Leuven): “All Quiet on the Western Front? The First World War in Japanese Elementary Schools, Department Stores and in the Mass Media”


12.30-14.00: Lunch Break


14.00-15.00: María Inés TATO (CONICET - UBA, IHAYA, GEHiGue): “An Argentine voice from the trenches of the Great War: Juan José De Soiza Reilly’s chronicles”


15.00-15.30: Coffee break


15.30-16.30 Maj HARTMANN (KU Leuven): “The Great War and its Effects on the Globalization of the Japanese Publishing Industry”


16.30-18.00: Book Launch


June 26


10.00-11.00: XU, Guoqi (Hong Kong University): “The Great War and the Idea of China”


11.00-12.00: Ana Paula PIRES (IHC-FCSH / Stanford University)/ Rita NUNES (Olympic Committee of Portugal / IHC): “Ibero-American intervention and relief in Europe during the First World War”


12.00-13.30: Lunch Break


13.30-14.30: SHIMIZU Yuichirō (Keio University, SFC Campus): “What did the ‘Periphery’ learn from the First World War: The Case of Japanese Bureaucrats”


14.30-15.00: Workshop Closing remarks


15.00: Round table discussion (presenters only)


Sessions will be held in English

Venue: Sala de Investigadores - Instituto Ravignani, 25 de Mayo 221 – 2nd. floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina