Clay, Farmer, Henry speaking on women's rights in KY House of Representatives, 13 January 1898

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A broadside available at the University of Kentucky's Laura Clay papers, Special Collections Research Center. It reads: "Public Speaking! at the Representative Hall. Miss Laura Clay, Mrs. Eugenia B. Farmer, Mrs. Josephine K. Henry, will make speeches bearing on Equal Rights for Women, in Representatives' Hall [Frankfort, Kentucky], Thursday Evening, Jan. 13, 1898. The members of the Legislature are particularly invited, as also the public in general. Admission Free. 8 O'Clock, P.M. Thursday Evening. Come one, come all! Roundabout Print, Frankfort, Ky."

This was not the first time these three women had spoken at the start of a legislative session in the House of Representatives. See for example, the same three who spoke also on January 16, 1896. (Laura Clay and Eugenia B. Farmer, "Kentucky Equal Rights Association," Minutes of the Twenty-Ninth Annual Convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, Monday, January 25th, 1897, 79.)