Christine Bradley South 1918

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Christine Duncan Bradley South (20 December 1879 - 20 February 1957) of Frankfort was the president of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association from 1916-1919. She was the daughter of Kentucky governor William O. Bradley and Margaret Duncan Bradley. In 1919 she was elected KERA 1st Vice President and she also chaired the political science committee of the Kentucky General Federation of Women’s Clubs. She led the campaign to start citizenship schools for women in every Kentucky county. In 1920 she served again as the First Vice President when her cousin (on her mother’s side), Governor Edwin P. Morrow, signed into law Kentucky’s ratification of the 19th Amendment in January then the state’s own law for women’s presidential suffrage the following March. She married Dr. John Glover South and traveled with him when he became ambassador to Panama (1921-1930) and then to Portugal (1930-1933).

Image snipped from "Financing the Oversea Hospitals: Kentucky's Military Ball," The Woman Citizen 3 (20 July 1918): 153. Hathitrust Digital Library,