China Narrative: US History and WW II

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Probably did not get the spelling exactly correct. Lewis Bernstein's very cogent analysis and explanation of Chinese history and experiences does raise one more thought, besides posting in direct reply.

Here is a US stamp depicting China-US relations. Is one of some others as well. This 5 cent stamp from the WW II era in US History shows an affinty for China and its Nationalism which predates the Communist takeover growing out of WW II. In brief, it does demonstrate a place in US History, even despite the wartime, when China and its aspirations were understood and possibly, to use the Spanish word, 'sympatico' to US and US views of the world.

This was a very different tie from present history. Perhaps, commentary on these subjects would enhance a view on China and its Communist existence? Offer it as one thought and view on China in the past and the US as well, from our 20th Century. Particularly note the comparative presentation of the US President, Lincoln, and his meaning in American life and aspirations for Liberty of peoples.