CFP: South American Archaeology Meeting at Exeter (SAAME 2020) - Call for Contributions

Francesco Orlandi Contribution
University of Exeter
Thursday, 2nd July
SAAME 2020
Archaeology in South America:
Dialogues across territories, disciplines, and imaginations
Call for Contributions
We are pleased to announce the second edition of the South American Archaeology Meeting at Exeter (SAAME 2020), under the theme “Archaeology in South America: dialogues across disciplines, territories, and imaginations”. SAAME 2020 will take place at the Department of Archaeology, University of Exeter (Streatham Campus). The event is co-organised by the Centre for the Archaeology of the Americas (CAA), the Exeter Centre of Latin American Studies (EXCELAS) and the Instituto de Arqueología y Museo at the University of Tucumán (IAM-UNT, Argentina).
SAAME 2020 is an invitation to engage in a multi-lateral dialogue across disciplines and fields of expertise engaging with archaeology and its effects on communities and territories at various levels. The Meeting aims at exploring the intersections between the traditional concerns of archaeology with the flows of indigenous politics and world-making practices, which often lead to hybrid and reciprocal archival practices, involving a multiplicity of locations and material manifestations (e.g., archaeological ‘sites’, environmental records, museum collections, government offices, image repositories, community accounts, among others).
Promoting exchanges among perspectives and approaches within and outside archaeology, the meeting will examine the diverse range of long-term configurations of people-land-materials-other beings that characterise the region, looking into the conceptual and methodological toolkits that may best match such diversity and complexity. Of particular interest is how such configurations meet the new challenges imposed by the ever expanding, and evolving, contemporary conflicts over natural/cultural substances, materials and knowledges, which may be claimed as ‘resources’ by various agencies and bodies with intersecting and conflicting aims and agendas. At this crossroads, we look forward to crafting a collaborative working space stemming from the common interest in the region’s webs of people, places and things, the multiplicity of its pasts, and its possible futures.   
We are inviting contributions focusing on varied regions and chronological periods, including the present. Contributions may be in the format of papers, posters, photographic or audio-visual works and performances on the following topics:
  • Indigeneity, territory and heritage;
  • Materiality and relational ontologies;
  • Critical approaches to field surveying and mapping;
  • Long-term material and environmental histories;
  • Archaeologies of contemporary past in South America;
  • Digital data/environments for new engagements
  • Collections and object diasporas;
  • Cultural politics and visual identities;
  • Gender intersections in archaeological research and practice;
  • Ethical and political dimensions of the South American “research field;”
  • Historiography of South American Studies in the UK;
  • Open topics, subject to committee approval.
Please send a contribution proposal to before 15th April 2020, attaching an abstract (up to 250 words), short bio of the author(s) listing research background and interests (50 words max), and type of individual contribution (paper, audio-visual work, poster, etc.).
Please also note that participation in the conference is free, but delegates need to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Details for conference rates booking codes will be circulated closer to the date. Remote participation is acceptable. Please indicate whether this is your choice with your abstract submission. Contributions from Doctoral and Early career researchers will be prioritised.
SAAME 2020 is supported by:
  • Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS
  • Society for the Latin American Studies (SLAS)
  • Humanities PGR Activities Award (University of Exeter)