CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Joint Workshop for Advanced PhD Candidates, Wiener Library-Yad Vashem (Jerusalem)

This workshop intends to bring together post-graduate students from the United Kingdom and Israel who are in the process of writing a PhD-thesis to exchange ideas and to share their research results on the Holocaust, including its antecedents and aftermath. The Wiener Library and Yad Vashem’s Research Institute encourage PhD candidates to submit their applications for the workshop, which will be held in English from 21 - 24 November 2016 at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

Re: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Holocaust Remembrance Day speech

As an Oleh Hadash [new immigrant to Israel] (July 2013), son and brother of survivors, native of Transylvania -- escaping Communism as a child and immigrating to US with the assistance of HIAS -- and now a part of the Holocaust studies program at University of Haifa, I feel like the most ardent Zionist on the planet. The PM's speech gave me "goose bumps" but also made my skin crawl. The near exclusive contextualization of the Holocaust for the sake of an inclusive narrativization of national politics went well beyond remembrance.

Re: RE 1946 World Jewish Congress Survey section on Transylvania

If you are referring to the 16-page questionnaires, the records are at Yad Vashem.

Are you looking for specific people?  The names in this collection were indexed by USHMM as part of the their World Memory Project project with  You can search the index  There is a link in the records to order copies of the originals.

Megan Lewis

reference librarian, USHMM


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