Debate between Laura Clay and Madeline McDowell Breckinridge over the Anthony Amendment

Debate before the Woman’s Club of Central Kentucky
October 18th, 1919
Won by the Negative - Miss Clay.


That Both Sections of the Anthony Federal Amendment Constitute the Proper Method of Extending Suffrage to Women.

AFFIRMATIVE: Mrs. Desha Breckinridge,
President of State Equal Rights Association

Overviews of State Histories of Woman Suffrage

Compiled by Randolph Hollingsworth for the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project. Additions/revisions are welcome!

"Alabama Equal Suffrage Association" by Valerie Pope Burnes.
Encyclopedia of Alabama. Alabama Humanities Foundation. Published April 10, 2007; last updated May 23, 2017.

Who's Working on What Biographies for the Project These Days?

KY Woman Suffrage

It's worth pausing for a few minutes to talk about what's in the works these days - there's so much happening with the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project! The hard work of getting to know who the historical women were and how they contributed to the movement - especially when so many of them chose to keep their names out of the local press - needs some support here today.

Lily Ray Glenn in Louisa, Ky

Lily Ray Glenn was a leader during the Woman Suffrage Movement, and was commissioned to travel all around Kentucky talking about Women’s Suffrage during the year 1914. It is recorded that she was in Louisa, Kentucky in July of that year. The Big Sandy News, a local newspaper located in the town of Louisa, reported on her being in the town on a Friday, and reported this news in their July 24, 1914 issue. The title of the article is, “The Suffragists Meet” and is located on the front page of the paper.

Louisville Suffrage Centennial Events - What's In the Works So Far

KY Woman Suffrage

Here's a list of planned events in Louisville that was forwarded to me from Genie Potter (representing KY with Vision 2020 in Philadelphia) and Marsha Weinstein (President of Board of Directors, National Collaborative for Women's History Sites now housed in the Francis Willard house museum in Indiana, and leading the collaborative National "Votes for Women" Trail).


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