Call for Submissions to ZooScope--The Animals in Film Archive

ZooScope—The Animals in Film Archive ZooScope has moved to a new and improved interactive website which features entries on around forty films. Users can read, data-edit and contribute articles to the archive. Each entry takes the form of a substantial essay analysing the representation of animals and/or human-animal relations in a film. The database includes key film production data and indexing by kind of animal; mode of human-animal relation; and film genre.

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Copyright, Education and the Internet


A story by Nina Hassan for the Harvard Gazette discusses the intersection of Fair Use, Copyright law and the development of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).  University Faculty are both the producers and the consumers of educational materials, but some of them are now teaching courses that enroll thousands of students.  At what point does a set of excerpts intended for students become a violation of "Fair Use" rules?  

Some professors are also experimenting with new models for disseminating their own works.  

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