Codex Xicotepec

From: Jerome Offner <>

Date: Feb. 9, 2018


Congratulations are due to the people of Cuaxicala, Puebla, Mexico.  With little outside support, they developed a strong and ingenious application, including a fascinating video presentation, for what is called the Codex de Xicotepec for UNESCO's El Registro Memoria del Mundo.

Huey cocoliztli solved?

According to research published in Nature Ecology and Evolution the illness that struck Mesoamerica during the conquest was not smallpox, has has been thought, but perhaps a strain of the bacterium salmonella.  Looking at remains from a cemetary in Teposcolula, OAX, ten individuals had genetic evidence of the enteric form of the bacteria, which causes enteric fever.  The paper proposes that the illness specifically from 1545 to be this strain of salmonella.

New find on Iztaccihuatl

INAH archeologists have discoverd a reflecting pool on the sides of Iztaccihuatl that might represent the Mexica universe.  It consists of stone placed in a circular pool that under optimal conditions appear to be hovering on the surface.


The INAH press release:


Everything you every wanted to know about "ye", but were afraid to ask.


Just in case anyone was wondering what verb class "ye", "to be" belongs to, today in Tlaxcala, a certain well-respected Nahuatl speaking professor (in his book Tlahtolixcopincayotl: San Miguel Xaltipan) who used to collaborate with a certain well-respected linguist who lives in Indiana, says,

"Tollan oyec ce huei altepetl", "Tollan was a big/great city" 

"Iminaltpehuan oyequeh Tenochtitlan", "Their cities were in Tenochtitlan"

Cualli xiitztocan pan ni ilhuitl,



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