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I am revising my urban history class to include an environmental focus. Can anyone recommend a reading that discusses the city as a kind of environment? I've come across a few pieces but they are mostly state of the field essays or too dense/full of jargon for first and second year students. I'm looking for something that is accessable. Thanks in advance.



Query: Draft Animal Literature?

Dear Colleagues,

I'm teaching a new class on energy in literature and culture and would like to include a short poem or story (or novel excerpt, or perhaps even a short film) on what it's like to work with a draft horse, mule, donkey, etc.--a text that does a good job of representing the play of energies between human and nonhuman being involved in plowing a field, driving a stagecoach, etc.  I'm looking for a text that would help underscore the profound difference between animal/muscle energy and fossil energy.


Bart Welling
University of North Florida   

Creating a Hall of Fame

Good afternoon,

Next semester I am teaching a class called "Sports in New Jersey."  I am building the class around the concept of creating our own imaginary New Jersey Sports Hall of Fame.  I want to start by situating them in scholarship about Hall of Fames, including how they are created, selection process, curatorial decisions, etc.

Any articles, books, or other reading suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.




Re: QU: History of Women's Leadership

I have done research on the topic of women and leadership in TV campaign ads from 1952 to 2016. Please contact me off-list if it would be of interest to you (
Also, are you familiar with the Newcomb Institute at Tulane? The program is interdisciplinary and scholarly and focused on issues related to leadership by women. See


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