Study Abroad this summer in Kyoto, Japan

Please share this information with your students interested in Japan. We are the University of New Orleans (UNO), offering a 6-week program (1 week of online intro, 5 weeks in Japan) to Kyoto, Japan. The program is open to any US College Students as well as eligible High School Seniors who will turn 18 by May 21, 2017.

Re: World War I (and possibly WWII) battlegrounds in Poland and lesser known tours of D-Day

There is a museum at Schloss Pless in what was formerly Silesia. I cannot remember the new Polish name but a Goggle Search should bring it up. As you know it was at the infamous conference at Schloss Pless in January 1917 that the decision was made to disregard possible American reactions and begin unrestricted submarine warfare. The consequences of American intervention in the war need no further explanation so in my opinion this is one of the more important World War I historic sites in Europe.


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