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I would like to announce that after being dormant for several years H-Russia Reviews is back. I am hoping that we will maintain a more regular schedule of reviewing the recently published academic works devoted to Russia and Eastern Europe. The book reviews that are already published include:

Review from H-Environment--Amrith on Guest, 'Globalization, Health, and the Environment: An Integrated Perspective'

Greg Guest, ed.
Sunil Amrith
Greg Guest, ed. Globalization, Health, and the Environment: An Integrated Perspective. Lanham: Alta Mira Press, 2005. 288 pp.

RESPONSE: Cook on Guha, 'Beyond Caste: Identity and Power in South Asia, Past and Present'

I am indebted to Matthew Cook for his review of the 2013 Brill edition of Beyond Caste: Identity and Power in South Asia, Past and Present.


He has often read closely and summarized succinctly. Like any author, I am gratified by his praise of much of my work.

H-Net reviews posted to the web 18 Jul 2016 - 25 Jul 2016

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The following reviews were posted to the H-Net web site between 18 Jul 2016 and 25 Jul 2016.

Reviewed for H-War by Jonathan Zartman
   Reuveny, Rafael; Thompson, William R., eds..  _Coping with Terrorism: Origins, Escalatio


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