How Do You Pronounce These New Jersey Towns?

I was recently contacted by Len Melisurgo, a reporter who is working on a story about mispronounced New Jersey town names. I was able to help him with some of his questions, but some I am not sure who to reach out to. So, I am posting them here in the hope that someone will be able to tell what the consensus of the locals may be as well as if the pronounciations may have at all changed over time.






Research question about the commercial production of vitamin supplements

Dear all, 

I'm looking for information on the commercial production of vitamin supplements. I think that the first companies to produce and sell vitamin supplements were American, but I would like to look into that more. Any ideas for readings on the topic will be much appreciated!


Alma Ingra, PhD student
Department of History
Columbia University


Re: Debates about the position of Chairman of the PRC in the 1950s and 1960s

Hi Andrea!
The answer to your “more specific question” is complicated. I suspect the 《宣教动态》put out by the CCP Central Propaganda Department may contain a record of what the reactions were. Also, you should try to find 《公安工作简报》No. 14 (18 December 1958), pp. 2–5, which contains a report entitled 《关于毛主席不作下届中华人民共和国主席候选人的决定传达后一部份资产阶级分子、高级知识分子的反映,以及少数地富反坏右分子的动态》that is likely to have documented how some social strata reacted.

Re: Published source collections

Searching by following words, such as "重要文件汇编"/"重要文件选编"/"重要文献选编" or just "文件汇编"/"文件选编"/"文献选编", at National Digital Library of China, you will see many relevant results.

I'd like to recommend five selections for you to purchase : 《当代山西重要文献选編(1949-1966)》,《中国共产党黑龙江省委员会重要文件汇编(1949-1966)》,《中国共产党在广西档案选编(1950-1965)》,《中共武汉市委文件选编(1949-1966)》,《中共贵阳市历史文献选编》(1949-1978).


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