Ambassador Frederic L. Chapin

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know if Frederic Chapin donated his papers to a university library and, if so, which institution? Chapin's ambassadorship to Guatemala coincided with a pivotal moment in Guatemalan history, and would be an ideal source for those of us interested in U.S.-Guatemalan relations.



Michael Cangemi

Re: Karl Heinrich Ulrichs and the early sexologists

Dear Douglas,

I'm not sure he actually communicated with scientists of his day - I believe he was rather monomaniacal - but he did read their work and used it to his own advantage (much to the displeasure of other then gay activists). He was familiar, for example, with an extensive discussion in entomology about same-sex copulation in cockchafers. I just finished a chapter on this discussion, which includes a few pages on Ulrichs. I can send you a copy if you're interested.

Best wishes,

Pieter R. Adriaens

Re: Karl Heinrich Ulrichs and the early sexologists

Hello Douglas,
This is a great subject - Ulrichs was influenced by a number of different scientific disciplines and that influence is apparent in his writings in all kinds of ways. You might be interested in my article "Transforming Sexuality: The Medical Sources of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895) and the Origins of the Theory of Bisexuality," Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, 67 (2012), 177-216.
All the best,

Re: Published source collections

Searching by following words, such as "重要文件汇编"/"重要文件选编"/"重要文献选编" or just "文件汇编"/"文件选编"/"文献选编", at National Digital Library of China, you will see many relevant results.

I'd like to recommend five selections for you to purchase : 《当代山西重要文献选編(1949-1966)》,《中国共产党黑龙江省委员会重要文件汇编(1949-1966)》,《中国共产党在广西档案选编(1950-1965)》,《中共武汉市委文件选编(1949-1966)》,《中共贵阳市历史文献选编》(1949-1978).

Re: Published source collections

I have found many “published collections of PRC documents” appearing in China over the years to be comprehensive, well edited, and useful. The high tide for producing such collections relating to the history of the state (as distinct from the CCP) seems now to have passed. What I know happened in the 1980s and 1990s is that older cadres who would/could not be retired and may have been with the same organization since, say, its creation in 1949 or the early 1950s were moved sideways within their respective work units and invited to head up documentation projects.

Re: Published source collections

Hi, Covell:

I would suggest that you and your library look into the possibility of acquiring the Database on Contemporary Chinese Political Campaigns edited by Song Yongyi 宋永毅 and others and published by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It's a rich source of materials, published and unpublished, related to, among others, the Anti-Rightists, Great Leap Forward, and Cultural Revolution campaigns.


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