Re: Caesarian ambassador

Dear Mary,

This sounds as though this would have been the Imperial ambassador, i.e. the representative of the Holy Roman Emperor (in other words, the Austrian Habsburg ambassador). In Latin, the Emperor was referred to as Caesar so the term you used would have been derived from this.  Imperial ambassador would be the more common way of referring to these people in English nowadays. Does your term come from a Latin or Italian source?

The best (if probably somewhat outdated and inaccurate) list of individuals who held this office in the seventeenth century is contained in

Internal Migration

I'm starting to put together material for a new article and was hoping that some of you might be able to help. I was thinking back to Eastern Europe in the 1970s, recalling what might be called internal migration. It was the habit of small groups of tightly bonded friends to retreat in their free time into different kinds of fantasy worlds as a way of coping with the stresses of life under communism. In Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia that I was most familiar with it was quite a marked pattern.

Re: Research Query: Egyptian Coptic Christians, Jews, and Israel

Dear Henry,

See Bishāra Basṭūrūs, al-Kanīsa al-Qibṭiyya fī Miṣr wa-Ithiyūbiyā tarfuḍu al-wathīqa al-Fātīkāniyya, tabriʼat al-Yahūd min dam al-Masīḥ. Qarār al-Majmaʻ al-Muqaddas al-ṣādir fī 13 Fabrāyir 1965 [The Coptic Church in Egypt and Ethiopia Rejects the Vatican's Document about the Exoneration of the Jews for the Death of Jesus Christ (i.e. the "Nostra Aetate"). Decision of the Holy Synod from February 13, 1965], Shoubra [Cairo], 1965;

Research Query: Seeking Text of Donald Day Speech

Dear Colleagues,

I am trying to locate the text of a speech given by Donald Day, then Chairman of the UAHC Board of Trustees, at the 1983 UAHC Biennial.  (The UAHC, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, is now the Union for Reform Judaism).  The speech is referenced at in an article titled "Reform Makes Demands."

Many thanks in advance.

Research Query: Egyptian Coptic Christians, Jews, and Israel

For a paper I will be presenting next month, any sources regarding the attitudes of Egypt's Coptic Christians towards Jews and the State of Israel would be much appreciated.

Henry Srebrnik

Dept. of Political Science

Univ. of Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

Re: On Orphananges

If your interest in orphans leads in the direction of adoption, you can find a summary of British colonial era adoption law by colony/country in Margaret Kornitzer, Child Adoption in the Modern World, NY: Philosophical Library, 1952.


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