Re: Query: Hindi, Urdu and Hindi-Urdu

Hi Sunil
I have a short footnote on this in my article "The Hindi-Urdu Heritage Language Stream: Institutional and Pedagogical Challenges", which may be of interest to you - but it is certainly not comprehensive. This is in A Handbook on Heritage Language Education: From Innovation to Program Building. Eds. Olga Kagan, Maria Carreira, Claire Chik. Routledge. 394-406, 2017.
Shobna Nijhawan

Working on pre-20th c. Children's Literature??

Add your name to an international list of scholars!

We are in the process of compiling a list of scholars, curators, and collectors who work in pre-twentieth century children’s literature and related fields. We are defining “children’s literature” broadly to include manuscript materials (including children’s writing), ephemera such as broadsides, chapbooks, and periodicals, and pedagogical materials like hornbooks and textbooks.

RFQ: Alexandria, Louisiana, civil rights history consultant (Richard)

The City of Alexandria, LA, is acccepting qualifications, information and proposals for an Alexandria, LA Civil Rights History Consultant to conduct specialized assistance, research, documentation, and oral history interviews of the Civil Rights Movement in Alexandria, Louisiana, and to advise, consult with, and to work with the city and the Alexandria Human Relations Commission on the potential for the development of a local Alexandria Civil Rights Memorial Park.

History of Panchayats

My co-author and I are looking for information on the history and usage of the term “panchayat,” indicating a caste, occupational or village council employed to resolve disputes, punish crimes, or promulgate rules. We would be extremely grateful if you could help us answer the following questions:

1.  When is the earliest use of the term and where does it first appear?  

Re: Researching Orphans and Orphan Care at the National Archives of India

I'd wander down to St. James' Church, Delhi and see if they have Parish or other records [births, deaths, marriages, etc]..then, funding permitting, I'd sashay down to Meerut and Ambala and repeat the procedure [if it was successful the first time round]..and then I'd print/edit a book, call for contributions and actually monetize the contributors for sharing their wonderful research and opening up new avenues.

All best

Researching Orphans and Orphan Care at the National Archives of India

Hello fellow South Asia scholars,

I am currently in Delhi researching at the NAI. My research looks at the way orphans and their care were handled in the latter part of the nineteenth century through Partition. I've found a lot of documents showing British guardianship of both Indian and European children. There are ties to Indian royal families and military camps.



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