Reading List: Commons and Enclosures

Dear colleagues:

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I am putting together a syllabus as well as a research project on commons and enclosures in the early modern Atlantic -- Spanish, English, French and Portuguese realms on both sides of the ocean, basically -- and would like to solicit suggestions for reading for myself and/or for my students. Any language.

I am especially appreciative of literature in the Portuguese and French realms, and for the Anglo-American side of the story of commons, but all suggestions are very welcome.

Litwicki, Ellen, "Redesigning the Gift in Progressive America"

Litwicki, Ellen. “From the ‘ornamental and evanescent’ to ‘good, useful things’: Redesigning the Gift in Progressive America.” Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era 10 (October 2011): 467-505.

This article has a more general gift topic, but does focus in particular on wedding and Christmas gifts, the largest categories, then as now.



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