Podcast: Forestry in northern Europe: National Histories, Shared Legacies

In Europe there is a long tradition of state-centered, management-intensive and science-based forestry. Many of these European forestry experiences and practices have been transported around the world, not in the least to the European Colonial Empires, but also to North America. In many parts of the world this European legacy is often equated with forestry based on 18th century German models. But this begs the question if there is a European forestry tradition.

Filibustering History podcast: Episode 30: François Mairesse – Professor of Museology, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris and ICOFOM President

Today is International Museum Day, and to celebrate we are posting the first episode of "Filibustering Museology," where Rob Denning, James Fennessy, and Yun Shun Susie Chung interview museum specialists to find out what they do with their lives.

Reflecting on Early Bioethics: Fleck and Tomlinson - Episode 9


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What issues were bioethicists concerned with in the early days of the field? This episode features two senior faculty members from the MSU Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences, Director Tom Tomlinson, PhD, and Professor Len Fleck, PhD.


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