Announcing An Online Resource for Grassroots Indigenous and Environmental Organizing

The Red Thunder Oral History Project, an educational website, is now online. Collaborators from the Fort Belknap Indian Community, the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and the University of Montana have been working for two years to recount the story of a little-known Indigenous-led, multi-racial environmental campaign that changed the course of mining in the sacred Little Rocky Mountains during the final decades of the 20th century.

Corporate Oral History [Editor Re-Post]

I am looking for the names of a few companies, brands, or for-profit organizations that have successfully created and applied oral history projects. Interested in the "value" they have realized from these initatives in a corporate setting.

Feel free to reply off list.

Stephen Sloan

Re: Looking for Campus Centennial OH ideas

Amy, sorry for the tardy reply. We did something similar on our campus when we documented the 40th Anniversary of the 1970 Sterling Hall Bombing. I've never formally written anything about it, but if you have the time, I'd be willing to chat with you about what we did and what we learned.

Troy Reeves
UW-Madison Oral History Program

Looking for Campus Centennial OH ideas

The George Mason University Center for History and the New Media has templates for setting up online oral history websites, where members of a group can log in and respond to questions and add other reminiscences. It does amass great stories and is much less expensive than a traditional project. See, for example, the Hurricane Katrina site:

Looking for Campus Centennial OH ideas


I've been asked to pitch a proposal for a OH project for a major state university's centennial.  The centennial committee has previously rejected doing a large-scale OH project due to presumed high cost of such a project.  I have already looked at Harvard University's video portal.  Another idea is an adaptation of Storycorp's storykit app, where alumni are given a list of 5 questions to answer in interviews they record themselves.  I welcome ideas about affordable ways to conduct a local history project and budget estimates.

Thank you,

Amy Schneidhorst

Please join me for a listening event at the Brooklyn Public Library

We are all affected by cancer in one way or another, but we are really terrible at talking about it. I am hosting a public listening event at the Brooklyn Public Library on July 21 featuring audio portraits of people living with cancer, discussion, and a surprise guest or two.

A linguist once said that “squirrels” is the hardest word to say in the English language. Squirrels Stories is the place for things that are difficult to talk about. Let's start the conversation. This project was created to make the world a less lonely place, so please help spread the word.


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