Recording of a Steven Weinberg talk on the whig interpretation of the history of science

In connection with the upcoming "Author in Dialogue" session on Steven Weinberg's book To Explain the World planned for the American Physical Society meeting in Baltimore next month, H-PhysicalSciences readers may be interested in a recording of a talk Weinberg gave last fall at the University of Texas Institute for Historical Studies. A version of the talk, "Keeping an Eye on the Present," which Weinberg described as "a gentle defense of the whig interpretation of the history of science," appeared in the 17 Dec. 2015 issue of the New York Review of Books.

Library of Congress digitizes unique Japanese Censorship Collection

The Library of Congress (LC) recently launched the Japanese Censorship Collection, an online archive comprising more than one thousand marked-up copies of government-censored monographs and galley proofs from prewar Japan. The Library of Congress has been collaborating with The National Diet Library (NDL) to digitize and make the collection accessible onsite and online.

new work from Livingstone Online



See below for an announcement about new publications and scholarship from Livingstone Online (, an important digital humanities resource for scholars working on the history of the British empire and on Africa. Please take a moment to review and/or share with anyone that might be interested. Apologies for any cross-listings.


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