Ali Mazrui, 1933-2014: A Tribute

Ali Mazrui, 1933-2014: A Tribute

 Toyin Falola                                                                                                                                     The University of Texas at Austin

Laa ilaaha illal-lahuu

Muhammadur Rasuulullah


["There is no good example except Allah (SWT).

Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah (SWT)."]


Inna lillaahi maa akhaza,

wa lillaahi maa a'ataa,

wa kullun indahu,

bi ajalim musamman,

Sad News

With regret and condolences, the H-Disability editorial board has learned that historian Anne Borsay passed away last week.  Mike Mantin has posted a remembrance at the Disability and Industrial Society website (link below).  We welcome additional thoughts and memories from our membership.

Les Orear, PWOC member, founder of Illinois Labor History Society

Leslie Fray Orear, a union organizer for the United Packinghouse Workers of America, editor of its newspaper and co-founder and president emeritus of the Illinois Labor History Society, died peacefully in his home surrounded by family in the early hours of May 30, 2014. He was 103 years old.

Nakayama Shigeru, 1928-2014

I have just been informed of the sad news that Nakayama Shigeru passed away on May 10. I do not know details, but as many of you know, he had been battling cancer for some time. I was not at all close to him, but Nathan Sivin, then editor of _Chinese Science_ had him review a manuscript of mine on Tokugawa land survey techniques. Nakayama-sensei was extraordinarily supportive. I know from the comments of others over the years that he often served as a booster and supporter of junior faculty and graduate students.


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