Resource: newspaper "Himalayan Times" (Kalimpong, India, 1947-63) accessible online

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a new database provides online open access to the existing issues of the Himalayan Times, an English-language newspaper published in Kalimpong, India, from 1947-63.

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Lusophone African Studies Organisation (LASO)

The Lusophone African Studies Organization (LASO) is an independent professional society open to all scholars with an interest in Angola, Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe. It is also a coordinate organization of the African Studies Association (ASA) and holds a business meeting and reception at the ASA Annual Meeting.

H-Diplo Syllabus Archive

Welcome ot the H-Diplo syllabus resource page. This page is a dynamic and growing resource where users can submit sample syllabi for the community. Our goal is that these syllabi help scholars better understand how others are shaping their courses, see what books  are being assigned, and what topics are covered. This page will be updated as you individuals contribute your syllabus. To contribute a sample syllabus, please email H-Diplo's Editor Dr. Seth Offenbach at 

The American Studies Association Material Culture Caucus

The Material Culture Caucus of the American Studies Association bridges the gap between university-based and museum-based scholars to promote the study of material culture in American Studies programs. On this page, you’ll find announcements about current and upcoming Caucus activities, reports on past activities, and educational resources produced by the Caucus. For more information, visit the Caucus blog at

Digital Methods and Projects

This page tracks the influence of digital methods and digital projects on the study of nations, nationalism, and nationalism.  The past two decades have witnessed a growing volume of methods (text mining, network analysis, GIS mapping, etc.) as well as projects (online databases, research articles, webpages) that open up news ways for us to approach our research topics.  In the spirit of the openness and fluidity of the web, this page is crowd-sourced.  If you know of content that fits within the below categories, please email us at prior@mail.h-net


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