Anoka County Historical Society: Desert Storm Trading Cards

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Although the Gulf War did not have the same impact on home front life as WWII in terms of rationing or sacrifices asked of the general population, it was nevertheless a conflict much in the public eye and mind. For families with soldiers actually fighting in the conflict, it was of course just as difficult as previous wars had been.

Anoka County Historical Society: Islands of Peace

Museums of Minnesota

“I watched the cars with their boats and campers going up north to get away for a while and find some cool spot to enjoy. This is fine for those people, but then I would come back to the cities and go [to] the Vets hospital, soldier’s home and the nursing homes. These people had no place to go and if they did, there is nobody to take them even for an hour or a day."

Re: Minnesota State Public School: They Were Children...Not Numbers

Here's a story from a Minnesota that just appeared on 9/30/2017 about a former Minnesota State Public School resident: This bit of Midwest history is still very much alive and relevant.

Anoka County Historical Society: St. Francis Glass Plate Negatives, circa 1900-1920

Museums of Minnesota

We love getting photographs in any format, since pictures are an especially rich way to look at our county’s history. Some formats are less common, and glass plate negatives certainly fall into that category. A recent donation to us of a photograph collection from St. Francis, circa 1900-1920, is almost entirely composed of this type, totaling more than 200 glass plates.

Anoka County Historical Society: Crowdsourcing History

Museums of Minnesota

Here at the Anoka County Historical Society, we do our best to capture the stories that go with the objects, documents and photographs in our collections, as well as the items themselves. In some cases, though, there is only so much information available, and we must make do with less of the story than we would prefer.

Anoka County Historical Society: Century Farms

Museums of Minnesota

Anoka County is fortunate to have many Century Farms – farms that have been in the same family for more than 100 years. The Anoka County Historical Society, in addition to having the history and background of these farms, also has wonderful oral interviews from many of these families (available here on our website).

Lanesboro Historical Museum: Telling Lanesboro’s story. That’s what we do.

Museums of Minnesota



Lanesboro Museum just finished a three year project to enter all the artifacts in our collection into a searchable database.  Quite a feat for a museum in a town of 750 people.  We finished the project by reorganizing the photography room and giving our new acquisition, a Fifield painting of Matt Bue, its rightful place in the center of the exhibit.


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