Re: Operational History

For what its worth, I agree and disagree with Dr. Rein. Yes, there should be someone writing operational history with better breadth and depth of knowledge about history and the discipline. I also agree that you have to do what you enjoy. But there are realities of the market that Dr. Sandler point out. I combined both, taking exams in women's history to help my prospects but working it into my dissertation obliquely.

Re: Operational History

My "advice to aspiring military historians" --DON'T. That is, in an academic setting. More than 1/2 of history faculty are temps or adjuncts, and military history is not exactly a hot field, like trans-gender studies. All that sweat for the doctorate and you wind up as an adjunct at East Walla Walla State "University", --as an adjunct.


Stanley Sandler

CFP: 2nd Annual History Symposium, Tuskegee University

                                                Tuskegee University History and Political Science Department

                                                                          2nd Annual History Symposium

                                   The Beauty and Burden of Blackness: Race, Relationships & Rebellion Past, Present, and Future


Conference Dates: February 15-16, 2018

Call for papers: Deadline November 24th, 2017

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