Upcoming Public Lecture - Marginalised mothers: health communication & maternal health in East Africa, 1920-2017

You are warmly invited to the following public lecture at the University of York on 19 February. All are welcome to attend and no booking is necessary. Please do circulate to colleagues, students or friends you feel would be interested in attending.

Conferencias Caribeñas 21 - Dr. Stuart Schwartz - “In the Shadow of Flora and Katrina: Response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Neoliberal Age”

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February 8, 2018

TALK> Numata Chair in Buddhist Studies, University of Calgary: "Precepts and Formlessness in the Evolving Chan Tradition"

Focusing on the Platform Sūtra 六祖壇經, Dr. Morten Schlütter discusses how bodhisattva precepts and the notion of formlessness (wuxiang 無相) became associated in the early Chan movement, yet ultimately failed to maintain lasting appeal. Mass bodhisattva precepts ceremonies for both lay people and monastics became very popular in eight-century Chinese Buddhism. The emerging Chan movement tapped into the burgeoning interest in precepts ceremonies, incorporating a strong emphasis on the untainted Buddha-nature of all sentient beings.


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