The Mary Baker Eddy Library 2018 Fellowships

The Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston is now accepting online applications for our Summer 2018 Research Fellowships. The fellowship program is open to academic scholars, independent researchers, and graduate students. The Library’s collections, centered on the papers of Mary Baker Eddy and records documenting the history of Christian Science, offer scholars countless opportunities for original research.

The following announcements from H-Net may be of interest to some Jhistory list members

The following announcements from H-Net may be of interest to some Jhistory list members

Ends of Cinema [announcement]
by John Blum

The Center for 21st Century Studies (C21) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee invites proposals for papers and presentations for our Ends of Cinema conference, to be held May 3-5, 2018.

Focusing on 19th-century U.S. cities—A new series of Early American Newspapers from the American Antiquarian Society

Readex is pleased to announce Early American Newspapers, Series 14, 1807-1880: The Expansion of Urban America. This newest series offers digital editions of notable 19th-century newspapers from America’s urban centers. It delivers long runs of 48 major titles published in 34 towns and cities in 15 states and D.C. Each title has been selected not only to represent the new forms of journalism that emerged during this period in U.S. history, but also to enable longitudinal studies.

Query: Harper Lee's father, Alabama journalism, and international topics ("Afghanistanism") in newspaper editorials

Dear Jhistorians, 

Doug Cumming just sent us a query from an Emory historian writing biography of Harper Lee:


Harper Lee's father was editor of weekly paper in Monroeville, Ala., in the 1930s and 40s, and a lot of his editorials were on international topics. The question is, was that unusual for a paper like that (e.g. small-town weekly, the South, the 30s?)

Query: Shirley Tucker, author of _Mississippi From Within_ and a Chicago journalist

I'm seeking any information on Shirley Tucker, author of Mississippi From Within (New York: Arco, 1965). I've read that Tucker was a "Chicago journalist and columnist," but that's all I know. Thanks for any assistance. Please reply to



Trent Brown

Associate Professor of American Studies

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Department of English and Technical Communication


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