INQUIRY: Ideas for syllabus

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I am writing a syllabus for a course on the "British Empire and The Natural World". If you taught course on a similar topic, which involved environmental history / history of natural resources in the context of the British Empire, I'd love to hear about it. I am looking for readings that fit an undergraduate level seminar. 


INQUIRY: Bibliography on Youth Mobility in the Age of Empire

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Re: Emu War in Australia

I undertook some research on this for my book The Flight of the Emu (2001) - see esp. pp 338-339
The best archival sources were in Dominic Serventy's papers in the National Archives in Perth -- he has files on all Australian birds compiled for his important book, Birds of Western Australia. The later editions of this book have good Emu War material in them.

Emu War in Australia

Colleagues: I am writing for a student in the U.S. who would like to do an undergraduate research paper on the Emu War in Australia in 1932. We have found very few sources on the incident, so I have suggested that she consider using the war as an illustration or gateway into historical wildlife management. However, we are still at an impasse as to what sources are readily available on Australia. My expertise is Latin American so any suggestions you have would be most welcome!  
If you would prefer to write off list, my email is:

Help needed on commons and enclosures

Dear colleagues:

[please forgive cross-postings]

I am putting together a syllabus as well as a research project on commons and enclosures in the early modern Atlantic -- Spanish, English, French and Portuguese realms on both sides of the ocean, basically -- and would like to solicit suggestions for reading for myself and/or for my students. Any language.

Please do deluge your ideas here or to my email if you prefer. I would be so grateful.




Re: "Educational Bulletins" from 19th c US text publishers?

Hi Peter,

If you've not already done so, you might post your inquiry on SHARP (Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing). Your topic falls into the area of Publishing and Book History, so they may have insights for you.

Their listserv, SHARP-L, is open to non-members.

Rick Mikulski
Drew University


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