New Book - Life and limb : perspectives on the American Civil War (H-Net Book Channel)

Your network editor has reposted this from The H-Net Book Channel. The byline reflects the original authorship.

Dear H-CivWarriors: I've reposted this entry -- a new book of essays on our subject -- from the H-Net Book Channel, H-Net's new service that feeds new publications in dozens of fields from publishers' catalogs. To see what else is new on the Civil War, click on "New Books on the Civil War" link on our front page!

New Article up on OSU's "Origins": " Russia, Gay Rights, and the Sochi Olympics"

The issue: The Sochi Olympics were designed to be a crowning moment in the Russia of Vladimir Putin, a chance to move on from the years of breakdown and uncertainty that followed the end of the Soviet Union and to celebrate a strong, new Russia. And they have been. But the games have also been marred by cost overruns, corruption, terrorist threats, and most especially international backlash against Russian treatment of homosexuality.

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