Re: Minnesota State Public School: They Were Children...Not Numbers

I was so intrigued by this post that I visitede this orphanage museum last week. I had dug around in some archives of orphanages out in Philadelphia a couple years ago, read up on some of their history, and on some of the academic work on orphanages in the late 1800’s and first half of the 1900’s. But while I grew up in Minnesota and moved back to the state from Philly three years ago, I had somehow never heard of the Minnesota Public School State Orphanage Museum! I thank Anne Peterson for taking the time to show me around.


H-Pietism is issuing a call for list and review editors. It is seeking interested scholars of Pietism, who are well acquainted with the field of study. Both editorial roles are great opportunities to stay in contact with fellow scholars and be involved with current activities in the field.

Among possible list editor responsibilities are maintaining consistent discussions on scholarly opportunities in the Pietism Studies, cultivating a forum and exchange of information and ideas, and expanding H-Pietism’s activities in directions appropriate to the online forum and field of study.

Anoka County Historical Society: Doll

Museums of Minnesota

It goes without saying that people bring us interesting things as artifact donations. As often as possible, we try and get the story that goes with the interesting artifacts, in order to make them even more interesting. Sometimes, though, the full story of an object is not known to anyone still living, and the most that we can get is tantalizing hints. 

The doll pictured here falls into the latter category.

Re: REQUEST> Buddhism on Death and Dying

Dear Brad, We had a series of lectures about that topic in 2009, at the Center for Buddhist Studies in Hamburg, organized by Dr Barbara Schuler. I do not remember whether there is also a print publication. Anyway, there was a photo exhibition, and the lectures (all of them in German, by Prof. Lambert Schmithausen and others) are still online. You can find the links to the lectures here: Kind regards, Susanne

New Podcast – On War & Society

Hi folks, 

Apologies for the cross-post. The Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies in Waterloo, Canada has launched its first podcast, On War & Society. In it, I sit down with various scholars of war and society to discuss their research, the challenges of doing history, and life 'behind the book.' In our first episode, I speak with Dr. Alex Souchen about the environmental impacts of underwater munitions dumping after the Second World War. 


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