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Dear H-Buddhism members,

I would like to make a correction to Steven's announcement regarding the Pali Advanced Reading course. The course will be held at the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, which is an independent institution related to Oxford University.

Apologies for my error when editing the original post.


Matthew McMullen
H-Buddhism Network Editor

Pali Advanced Reading Course

This August, Prof. Richard Gombrich will run another Pali Advanced Reading course at Oxford University.

The dates for this course are as follows: arrive Tuesday evening, 14th August, depart Thursday morning 23rd August. There will be no class on Sunday 19th August.

This course will mainly consist of reading texts together in class.

COURSE > Intensive Sanskrit Mahidol August 2018

Intensive Sanskrit (50 hours) August 6th-17th 2018

The course focuses on Buddhist vocabulary and examples and makes ample use of traditional grammatical categories. Each day will begin with a session of group chanting: proper pronunciation, as well as consistent recitation, will be emphasized. The basic characteristics of different genres (philosophy, literature, etc.) will be briefly introduced, including simple principles of prosody.

Open for Registration: Free MOOC on Forced and precarious labor in the global economy: Slavery by another name?

Now open for registration: Free Massive Open Online Course

Forced and Precarious Labor in the Global Economy: Slavery by Another Name?

A collaboration between the University of the Witwatersrand and Beyond Trafficking and Slavery/openDemocracy.

COURSES> Language Intensives in Tibetan, Sanskrit, and Nepalese at CBS in Kathmandu, including new Graduate-Level Advanced Tibetan Reading Seminar

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Summer Program
June 13, 2018 to August 10, 2018

Harvard Summer course “The Animal-Human Divide”

Harvard University will again, through its Summer School (, offer an online Animal Studies course. The 2018 course is entitled “The Animal-Human Divide.” Registration opens March 1 and closes May 21.

A copy of the syllabus for the course can be downloaded at, or you can write Paul Waldau at to get a copy of the course syllabus and discuss the course’s details.


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