Sweden pulls out of Elsevier contract over lack of open access


Below is a collection of news articles concerning the breakdowns in discussions with Elsevier and Springer over open access and database contract fees that have recently occurred in three European countries. 

"French Universities Cancel Subscriptions to Springer Journals: Negotiations between the publisher and a national consortium of academic institutions have reached a stalemate."

Scholars rebel against paid-access plan (comment)


Courtesy of the NCIS blog, below is a link to an article concerning the objections by academics to an announcement by Nature Publishinng Group that it was planning a new journal on Machine Learning (artificial intelligence) that would require a paid subscription for access.  Below is an excerpt and a link.

About the Clio app (comment)


Below, courtesy of H-Histbibl is a link to an article about the Clio app that was posted by the American Council of Learned Socieites (ACLS) E-Book blog.  It consists of an interview with David Trowbridge, who developed the popular "Clio" app for learning more about the history of a given site.

If anyone uses this app and has learned something unexpected, I would appreciate a comment!


How much self citation is too much? (comment)


Below, courtesy of NCIS, is a link to an article from "Inside Higher Education" concerning the decision by Robert Sternberg to step down as editor of a major psychology journal amid complaints that he engaged in excessive self citation and self-plagiarism.  I wonder whether it is possible for prolific writers to avoid both offences simultaneously?  Shouldn't it be one or the other?

"Revolt Over an Editor: Prominent psychologist apologizes and resigns as journal editor over allegations of aggressive self-citation and more."

Another scholarly scam (comment)

Friends, The Scholarly Kitchen blog has an article about a new flavor of academic fraud that involves impersonating a journal, sending a forged acceptance letter to an author, charging the hapless author a "fee" for publication and making off with the proceeds. "Paper Accepted…Unless the Letter Was Forged," By ANGELA COCHRAN, for the Scholarly Kitchen, April 18, 2018 https://scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org/2018/04/18/paper-acceptedunless-letter-forged

'Thous Shalt Not Use Chemical Weapons in War': 13th Commandment

Sadly, what would have been more appropriate is to present this volume as a reference source concerned with the History of Naval warfare and Law, including International Law over previous decades and centuries. D.P. O' Connell's volume still presents the chance to focus upon another matter, of very important concern to the History of War, especially at this juncture to history, the 100th Anniversary of WW I which opened the more recent century, this 20th.

Studia Historiae Scientiarum volumes 16 (2017) and 15 (2016)

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One article indexed in this journal that is especially relevant to H-Scholar is Steven Laporte, "Preprint for the humanities– fiction or a real possibility?* Vol 16 (2017)

--Margaret DeLacy, H-Scholar editor]




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