CFP: “Translating the Caribbean” (special session proposed by the CLCS Caribbean forum for MLA 2019)

Several decades ago, Édouard Glissant wrote in Le Discours antillais of the “undeniable” reality of a common Caribbean culture that had emerged from the shared history of the plantation, island living, creolization, and social systems.

CFP: NACBS 2018 Panel on Scottish culture during the Restoration Era

I am trying to assemble a panel that examines various aspects of Scottish culture during the Restoration Era, 1660-1688/9. My work examines Clan MacKenzie from c. 1651-1707. Would anyone be interested in helping form a panel?

Many thanks,

Edwin Sheffield, History PhD Candidate at The University of Glasgow

Re: CFP: NACBS Call for Participants Panel on Ireland and Empire

I'd definitely be interested -- am working on the aesthetics and interpretations of ethnographic and anthropological displays at the international exhibitions. I've just sent an email.

Amy Woodson-Boulton
Associate Professor of Modern British and Irish History
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive, University Hall Suite 3500
Los Angeles, CA 90045
ofc: University Hall 3434
ph: 310.338.2808
f: 310.338.6008

CfP: CSPC 2018: Building Bridges Between Science, Policy, and Society [DUE: April 23]

The Canadian Science Policy Centre announces the call for panel proposals for the 10th Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC) to be held in Ottawa, Ontario, on November 7-9th, 2018, at the Delta Hotel.

CFP: NACBS Panel on the military and state formation

Greetings Everyone,

I am assembling a panel proposal examining the impact of the military (broadly defined as armed state agencies including the army, navy, and militia) upon state formation in the British Empire for this October's NACBS. Thus far, the panel has two participants: myself and Sarah Kinkel of Ohio University. My work examines the impact of the British military justice system on state formation, while Sarah's explores the Navy and state formation, both during the eighteenth century. Would anyone be interested in joining us?


CFP: NACBS Call for Participants Panel on Ireland and Empire

I am a third-year History PhD at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. My research explores exhibitions of the Irish in World Fairs in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Britain and the United States. I would like to form a panel on the British Empire, Ireland, transnationalism, provisional topics include display and exhibitions, urban spaces and knowledge production, identity and race. A range of time periods as well as disciplines are welcomed. 



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