Equine History Collective Blog Seeks Reviewers

The Equine History Collective, EquineHistory.org, promotes the horse as a lens for trans-regional history, and serves as an interface for related historical research in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. We are seeking reviewers for books (run on Sundays) and sources (run on Saturdays). The themes for upcoming months are: Racing (December), Ancient (January), and Breeding (February). Proposals for other topics are also welcome, and will run in later months.

Olympika Journal Article Reviews

Olympika, The International Journal of Olympic Studies invites graduate students to write journal article reviews for Olympika’s up coming issue. This is a great opportunity to earn a published writing credit through a brief review of a recently published journal article related to the Olympics. Please visit www.uwo.ca/olympic/publications/journal_review_instructions.html for more information.

Call for Book Reviewers: The Journal of Popular Culture


Below are the titles the Journal of Popular Culture currently has availabe for review.  If you have a master's degree (completed) or a Ph.D. and are interested in writing a review for us, please send me the title or titles you are interested in, ranked by order of interest, along with your mailing address.  Emails that don't contain mailing addresses will not be considered.  


Urgent call for manuscript reviewer

Posted on behalf of Veljko Vujacic, Provost, European University at St. Petersburg. --ed.

The European University at St. Petersburg is looking for a neutral anonymous review of a Russian-language manuscript on visual methods in history that could serve as a possible textbook. The review is needed urgently (by 24 April if possible with a possible short extension) and can be written in Engllish. We are ready to offer a $250 honorarium to reviewers. Please address all questions to: vvujacic@eu.spb.ru


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