SHERA at CAA, Los Angeles

AT CAA’s 106 Conference, Los Angeles, February 21-24 in the Los Angeles Convention Center SHERA will have the following events:

SHERA-sponsored session, convened and chaired by Ksenya Gurstein and Joes Segal:

Utopianism and Dystopianism in Russian, Soviet, Eastern European, and Eurasian Art

Date and Time: Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 8:30–10:00 AM

Room: 501A, Los Angeles Convention Center

Information of SHERA Business Meeting and SHERA-sponsored panel's time and location at CAA 2018

SHERA Business Meeting:

Scheduled Date and Time: Friday, 2/23/18: 12:30–1:30 PM

Scheduled Room at the LA Convention Center: 402B

Type of Room: PRESENTATION/SESSION ROOM, 25-125 People


As the SHERA-sponsored panel, CAA informs:

 although the full session schedule is not yet set and Session Chairs will be informed of their session scheduling information early or mid-September, I can share that your Affiliated Society’s session has been tentatively scheduled for:

August 21 Application Deadline for CAA-Getty International Program

Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder that the deadline for applications for the CAA-Getty International Program is August 21. Of interest to SHERA members and list subscribers is that this program is intended to benefit scholars from Eastern Europe and Russia. I am sending the letter (below) that we received from CAA.

Best regards,

Margaret Samu

ANN: CAA-Getty International Program

CAA-Getty International Program

The CAA-Getty International Program, generously supported by the Getty Foundation, provides funding to between fifteen and twenty art historians, museum curators, and artists who teach art history to attend CAA’s Annual Conferences. The goal of the project is to increase international participation in CAA, to diversify the association’s membership, and to foster collaborations between North American art historians, artists, and curators and their international colleagues.


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