“Mother” Millar’s Mission – Catholic Women’s Service in WW I

Imagine you purchased a box of used books and found buried within a tattered satchel dating from the First World War. What would you do with it? This scenario played in the summer of 2016, when a thrift store benefiting an Alabama-based women’s shelter contacted the CUA Archives.

The Black Child (re)Imagined

The latest post in the American Childhoods series on H-Amstdy is up. The piece, titled "The Black Child (re)Imagined," is by Debbie Olson. In it, Olson examines the connect between popular representations of Black youth and a propensity among many to view Black youth as prone to violence and criminality.

How To … Present Yourself Professionally (on a budget), Part II

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By Kara Hisatake and Katie Trostel

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How to Present Yourself Professionally (on a budget), Part II

Building an Online Presence: Personal Websites, LinkedIn, Twitter …



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