Re: Adjuncts and sociological theory

Thank you, Patrick. I collect adjunct blogs ~ already have a handful of sociologist ones but have been wanting more. This is a most promising addition. I reblogged this and forwarded this to adj-l

So what do I do with them? Follow them, add them to blogrolls, share them, bookmark them, syndicate them, add the them to my feed reader, and so forth. Once in my InoReader, I can make an adjunct-blog rss feed, html clip (for displaying as a webpage or embedding in blogs and webpages). H-Adjunct is there too.

Philanthropy as Politics in Indian Territory

The Turtle Island Examiner

By a happy coincidence, the scholarly community has just provided a thoughtful, well-researched explanation of a historical anomaly reported in last year's press. In the spring of 2015 the Irish Examiner announced that Alex Pentek was working on a monument to those Cherokees and Choctaws who, in 1847, sent $800 in famine relief to the beleaguered Irish.

Performing Blindness: A Postcard of the Taylor Concert Company, c1910, and the Canadian History of Disability

The Champlain Society's December Findings/Trouvailles post by doctoral candidate Sara Spike is a fascinating examination of blindness in early-twentieth-century eastern Canada.

The Power of Space, Language, & Communication: A Status Report from Ethnohistory, 2015

The Turtle Island Examiner

This year’s annual meeting of the American Society of Ethnohistory (November 4-8) unveiled a new wave of scholarship dedicated to immanently important themes and issues within Native American history. While the following panels represent only a fraction of the papers presented at the conference, the connections between the presenters and their research were remarkably similar. In particular, an emphasis on language and communication, along with space and place, emerged as recurring motifs throughout the meeting.


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