Re: History of Education Research in Current Periodicals (#211)

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Two additional items of interest were submitted by a H-Education subscriber:

Chapters in the recent book "Gender and Mobility in Scotland and Abroad" (Guelph Series in Scottish Studies 4), published by Guelph Centre for Scottish Studies, 2018, may be of interest. Details on the book can be found here:
Chapters include:

Natural Gas, Europe, and Russia

Dear H-Energy Subscribers,

Given the recent developments between Russia, Europe, and the Ukraine, with respect to natural gas, and the U.S. government concern regarding Nordstream 2, you may find these articles from the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies interesting. The highlighted links are to either pdf files or, in one case, a podcast start site.

History of Education Research in Current Periodicals (#209)

Preface: Please excuse the short hiatus. I recently changed universities, resulting in a cross-continental move. That now finished, our regular monthly posting of recent literature in the History of Education will resume!  Thank you for your patience. Our last posting covered November and December of 2017 ( so this one will cover Jan, Feb, and March of 2018.


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