New Content on Anthropology News: Amy Garey on "Agents of Humor"

We've kicked off the school year with a fantastic Anthropology News article by Amy Garey (UCLA) about her fieldwork with student comedy leagues (KVN) in Russia and Ukraine. "Agents of Humor?" responds to a NATO-backed report that suggested that KVN is a soft-power tool of the Kremlin, and explains ethnographically why this is anything but the case. Read Amy's work here:

New Content on Anthropology News: Larisa Kurtovic interviews Mike Mcgovern about his new book, "A Socialist Peace?"

I'm pleased to announce the publication of a book conversation between Soyuz convenor Larisa Kurtovic and fellow anthropologist of postsocialism, Mike McGovern, about Mike's new book A Socialist Peace?: Explaining the Absence of War in an Africa Country."

A snippet:

Soyuz in "Anthropology News": New Pieces by Our Scholars + Call For Submissions

I'm writing to alert you to two new pieces in Anthropology News written by Soyuz scholars.  Tamar Shirinian (Duke University) has a timely contribution on protests that surrounded Armenia's recent constitutional referendum.  "Saying 'No!': Negation as Future Making" is available online for the next six weeks, and will be archived in AnthroSource thereafter.  The next print edition of Anthropology N

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