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Dear all, 

Find below a list of panels that might be of interest to you at the American Historical Association Annual Meeting next January. For more information, please check the online program or click on the panels' titles. 

If you know of a panel/talk not listed, let me know and I will add it to the list.



Angeles Picone


Thursday January 4 2018

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Central European History Society | Panels at American Historical Association


As an affiliate society of the American Historical Association, the Central European History Society (CEHS) sponsors a variety of panels on German, Habsburg, and Central European History at the AHA’s Annual Meeting (in Washington, D.C., 4-7 January 2018).  

CEHS both solo-sponsors and co-sponsors panels.

Co-sponsorship is for those panels that have already been accepted by the AHA Program Committee.

SHGAPE AHA and OAH Panel Co-Sponsorships, Call for Proposals

Call for proposals! The Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (SHGAPE) is calling for panel proposals for the Organization of American Historians (OAH) Meeting and the American Historical Association (AHA) Meeting.

AHA and OAH Annual Meetings in 2018: The deadlines for submitting proposals for panels for the 2018 OAH and AHA annual meetings are January 16, 2017, for the OAH and February 15, 2017, for the AHA. 

PANEL SEARCH (AHA '16): Progressive era / immigrant communities / ethnic conflict

I am looking for other panelists (and possibly a chair) to assemble a panel for the American Historical Association annual meeting in Atlanta, January 2016. My research focuses on public health and immigration in Progressive-era New York City. Specifically, I'd like to discuss a rancorous and very public battle between Jacob Riis and a little-known Catholic priest whose parish occupied the site of a proposed park in the 1900s.


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