Caroline Apperson Leech

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Kentucky Woman Suffrage

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Cave Hill Cemetery

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Burial site for Caroline Apperson Leech (1850-1929)



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701 Baxter Ave

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Cave Hill Cemetery

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Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project

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Caroline Apperson Leech (1850-1929): one of the earliest supporters of the suffrage movement in Louisville and president of the Louisville Young Women's Christian Temperance Union as well as a member of the Louisville ERA. She hosted peace activist and suffragist Ethel Snowden when she came to speak in Louisville. She advocated for women’s suffrage movement at the national convention of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1914, and she was elected president of the Kentucky Federation of Women's Clubs in 1917. She served as an officer in the League of Women Voters and chaired the Louisville Republican Women's Campaign Committee. She was buried in Cave Hill Cemetery, Section O, Lot 204, Grave 2.

Reference source of Information:
Kentucky Federation of Women’s Clubs, Yearbook of the Kentucky Federation of Women’s Clubs, 1912-13, 1917, 1919-20. Louisville Equal Rights Association, Minute Book, 1889-1895 (Manuscript, Filson Historical Society). “Report of Twenty-Second Annual Meeting, National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, Baltimore, 1895,”