Call for Papers: Visual Knowledge in Education and Science

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The education initiative Youth presents (Jugend präsentiert) is organizing a congress to explore the topic of “Visual Knowledge in Education and Science”. The congress is set to take place in Berlin (Germany) in late October 2018 and will be realized in cooperation with the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

We aim to examine and discuss the influence of visuality on teaching and knowledge communication, and want to bring together both state of the art research in the field of visual knowledge and insights from the practical experience of communication and teaching experts.

Following this goal, we prepared a Call for Papers inviting scientists, researchers and teachers as well as practitioners in adjacent fields to contribute and collaborate.

We are very interested in contributions from experts from all around the world – and would be very grateful if you could forward, feature or link our Call for Papers in your news/information channels such as your facebookpage (if this is possible).