Building A Library: Kentucky Sports and Industry

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One of the first goals in both Education and Life, at least for this writer, was to creat a Library. Begun in the late 1940s, one of the initial volumes obtained, this History of Kentucky Sport and Thoroughbred Racing from Kentucky's world wide known Churchill Downs in Louisville. 'Down the Stretch', a 1945 biography and history about Col. Matt J. Winn, tells not only his life and participation in Kentucky's famous horse industry and racing, but the story of Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. This is not posted as a Book Review although that could be done should such be desired. Rather it calls attention to the more meaningful subject of Kentucky thoroughbreds as both industry and sport, two of the most noteable and important accomplishments from Kentucky History. Col. Winn's book, authored by Frank Menke, also dedicated his story to his grandsons, Lt. Williamson, US MarCorps and Ensign Hermann Jr.[US Navy] both in 1944 service somewhere, most likely, of WW II's Pacific theatre. Its excellent text and photos are worth reading and posting here on H-Kentucky; a reminder of the rich heritage and contributions from Kentucky thru its industry, sport and Education.

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