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REVIEW: Schröder on Barducci, _Hugo Grotius and the Century of Revolution, 1613 -1718: Transnational Reception in English Political Thought_

H-Low Countries crossposts reviews from other H-Net networks that may be germane to the interests of our members. The following review recently appeared on H-Albion.

EMJNet Endorsement for AAS Panels & EMJNet Panel Proposals for 2019 AAS Meeting


The Early Modern Japan Network was founded more than 20 years ago with the aim (among others) of promoting the presence of early modern Japan centered presentations at the AAS.  

We have two mechanisms for doing this:

1) Sponsorship of panel proposals to the AAS.  We have consistently encouraged early modern Japan specialists to take this approach first, since if the proposal is successful, it carries greater professional prestige, particularly important for our more junior colleagues.

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CFP: Crossroads VI: Conflicts, Contrasts, and Contradictions (Extended deadline June 30th)

Sept. 28-30 2018 @ UMass Amherst

Deadline: June 30, 2018

Conflict: a “competitive or opposing action of incompatibles,” also “the opposition of persons or forces that gives rise to the dramatic action in … fiction” (Merriam Webster);

Contrast: a “juxtaposition of dissimilar elements,” (Merriam Webster) also, in the medical context, a solution of iodine, barium-sulphate or gadolinium, rendering visible that which is otherwise transparent: thus, bringing things to light through negativity;


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