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KONF: Mobile Avantgarden. Netzwerke der Moderne im östlichen Europa und in Skandinavien, Berlin (10.02. – 11.02.2023)

Der Workshop will Zirkulationswege und Netzwerke der Moderne im östlichen Europa und in Skandinavien erkunden. Die Kernidee ist, das traditionelle Großnarrativ, welches die kulturelle Moderne vor allem mit den klassischen westlichen Metropolen wie Wien, Berlin, London oder Paris verbindet, zu verabschieden. Der Workshop soll insofern ein Plädoyer für eine nicht hegemonial westlich dominierte, differentielle Neukartierung der wissenskulturellen Landschaft der Moderne in Europa sein.

Query: 19th-century Jewish books and photo-offset reprints

I am looking for ways to tell whether a Jewish book whose title page says it was printed in Eastern Europe in the 1800s was actually printed then or is a later photo-offset reproduction. I posted this query previously and received some helpful answers but was also told that my question was not clear. Here is an expanded version with photos to clarify what I am talking about. ("Jewish Book Questions").

Query: Searchable database of/with Hasidic books?

Is there a searchable electronic database with a good selection of Hasidic books?
I often use the Bar-Ilan Responsa collection but its Hasidic content is limited. I recently was told about Ma'agarim; it is an amazing resource but also seems to have very little Hasidic material. Otzar HaHochma has a lot of Hasidic books but doing a search for specific words or phrases seems cumbersome. My thanks for any suggestions!

Justin Jaron Lewis

Keystone DH 2023

Hello Everyone!


Submissions are open for Keystone DH 2023, a digital humanities conference to be held at Johns Hopkins University's Center for Digital Humanities on June 16th and 17th, 2023 in Baltimore, MD. Keystone DH is an annual conference and a network of institutions and practitioners committed to advancing collaborative scholarship in digital humanities research and pedagogy across the Mid-Atlantic. Submissions will be accepted until February 15th.


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