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CFP: Special issue of PMHB on immigration and ethnicity in PA history

Call for Papers

Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography
Special Issue: Immigration and Ethnicity in Pennsylvania History
Guest Edited by Kathryn E. Wilson and Rosalind J. Beiler (October 2016)

The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography is issuing a call for articles to be included in a special issue of the magazine on immigration and ethnicity in Pennsylvania’s history scheduled for an October 2016 publication.

The editors seek submissions of the following two sorts.

Spring 2014 issue of Pennsylvania Legacies available

The spring issue of Pennsylvania Legacies is now available, in print and online ( This issue focuses on the topic of organized labor in Pennsylvania. Feature articles include:

Brian Greenberg, “Class Conflict and the Demise of the Artisan Order: The Cordwainers’ 1805 Strike and 1806 Conspiracy Trial”

Introducing J. J. Ahern, H-Pennsylvania Editor and growing the content of the Network

Hello H-Pennsylvania Community,

As one of the new members of the editorial board, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and mention some of the interesting ideas I hope to cover as we take advantage of the new features the Commons give us.

Introducing Allen Dieterich-Ward, Book Reviews and the H-Pennsylvania Advisory Board

Hello All,
My name is Allen Dieterich-Ward and I am an Associate Professor of History at Shippensburg University.  My research speciality is the latter half of the twentieth century and I focus on urban/metropolitan, economic and environmental history.   I am presently completing a book on metropolitan Pittsburgh that should be out next year with the University of Pennsylvania Press.  Here at Ship, I also teach graduate courses in our public history program, including the History of Tourism.

Inaugural Rutgers/CGHR Conference on Genocide: April 3-4, 2014 (Newark, NJ)

Posted to H-Holocaust, cc H-Antisemitism

"Genocide: Pathways and Passages"

 April 3-4, 2014

The Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights 
Rutgers University, Newark

Engelhard Auditorium, 1st Floor, Engelhard Hall (April 3) and
Dana Room, 4th Floor, Dana Library (April 4)

H-Net academic announcements posted to the web 2014-03-28 - 2014-03-31

Subject: H-Net academic announcements posted to the web 2014-03-28 -


This index comprises all verified entries from H-Net's events database
on the indicated dates.  It has been sorted by type of event, not by
content field.  Users may print, post, or forward all or part of the
index, or click on individual items to view and use the entire entry
from the events site.  H-Net assumes no liability for the accuracy of
subsequent repostings of this material, so please check them carefully.

Riordan Memorial Research Fellowship in Florida Studies

Please spread the word!

The University of South Florida Libraries’ Florida Studies Center in Tampa, FL, invites applications from graduate students for a month-long, in-residence research fellowship. The Patrick Riordan Memorial Research Fellowship awards $2,500 to an M.A. student or Ph.D. candidate engaged in research on a Florida studies topic. The successful applicant will be invited to share his or her research in congenial public forums during the fellowship period.


Preserving History as it Happens: The Internet Archive and the Crimean Crisis

Ian Milligan writes: "...from their offices in San Francisco, the Internet Archive’s Archive-It service carried out a comprehensive sweep of the Crimean Center for Investigative Journalism’s website, capturing it now 14 times between March 1st and 19th. 5,185 videos have been captured...

The Internet Archive’s sweep of the Center’s website points towards a swiftly changing context of information storage and retrieval. The speed with which information is being preserved and distributed is increasing."

SSHM Gazette Deadline - 11 April (please note it's early because of Easter!)

Dear Colleagues,

Every issue of the journal Social History of Medicine sent out to members is accompanied by the Gazette - the newsletter for Society Members. If you have any contributions/announcements/events broadly related to medical history that you think might be of interest to our membership please send them to the Gazette editor, Katherine Foxhall by email:

NEXT DEADLINE: FRIDAY 11th APRIL  (for the MAY issue)

Combining an oral history book with online interview audio

My colleague Anisa Puri and I are developing a proposal for an oral history paperback book which will be simultaneously published as an e-book with direct links to the online audio of the interviews used in the book. We'd value suggestions from H-OralHist colleagues about examples of such work, or readings about creating this type of hybrid aural history publication.


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