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One opening for presenter on nuclear production in material and metaphor (ASEEES 2018)


Our panel is seeking 1 more paper presenter for our panel as part of ASEEES 2018 in Boston.

We are engaging with themes relating to the production of knowledge and memory of the nuclear industry as well as its radioactive by-products, the impact on the collective psyche, emotion, and imagination, as captured in Soviet science fiction, and conceptualizing nuclear “by-products” in terms of social-environmental inequalities.

TOC: Special issue of Canadian Slavonic Papers on Svetlana Alexievich

Dear colleagues,

The most recent issue of Canadian Slavonic Papers/Revue canadienne des slavistes (v. 59, nos. 3-4) is a special issue devoted to the work of Nobel Prize winner, Svetlana Alexievich.  It also includes a roundtable on New Directions in Gulag Studies.  Please note that the starred items are currently available "open-access" -- just click on the link!

Call for Papers: 18th Annual Aleksanteri Conference "Liberation – Freedom – Democracy? 1918–1968–2018"

Call for Papers:
18th Annual Aleksanteri Conference "LIBERATION – FREEDOM – DEMOCRACY? 1918–1968–2018"
Dates and venue: 24–26 October 2018, University of Helsinki, Finland

The Aleksanteri Institute of the University of Helsinki will hold the 18th Annual International Aleksanteri Conference aiming to bring together scholars, experts, and advanced graduate students from a variety of disciplines such as history, political science, sociology, geography, law, economics, and media and cultural studies.

Ristow Prize for the best essay in the history of cartography

Students of the history of cartography are invited to submit papers for the 2018 Ristow Prize competition. Undergraduate, graduate, and first-year postdoctoral students of any nationality are eligible to compete. Papers must be in English, not exceeding 7500 words, and should be submitted digitally as a PDF document to or in hard copy postmarked no later than June 1, 2018, to Evelyn Edson, 268 Springtree Lane, Scottsville, VA 24590, U.S.A. Appropriate illustrations, especially maps, are encouraged.

Boston Seminar: Environmental History & the Study of Early America (March 6, 2018)

The Boston-Area Early American History Seminar & Boston Environmental History Seminar at the Massachusetts Historical Society
Tuesday, March 6, 2018, 5:15 PM

Christopher Pastore, State University of New York at Albany; Nancy Shoemaker, University of Connecticut at Storrs; Conevery Valencius, Boston College
Panel Discussion: Common Spaces: Environmental History and the Study of Early America
Moderator: Matthew McKenzie, University of Connecticut at Avery Point

CfA - Summer School & Research Seminar: “Cities in Flux: Ethnographic and Theoretical Challenges” - Cambridge, UK, 23-29 July 2018

This five-day Summer School and two-day Seminar – organised and hosted by Anglia Ruskin University under the auspices of the International Urban Symposium (IUS) – will bring together social anthropologists, sociologists, urban planners, architects, and human geographers committed to empirically-grounded analysis of cities in order to examine a number of pressing methodological and theoretical questions relating to urban change.


CfA: Summer School Qualitative Research Methods in Health Care


This basic 5-day course teaches participants how to conduct a qualitative research starting from a research question, and how to progress to writing a scientific paper.


Stadscampus, University of Antwerp, Belgium 


27-31 August 2018


Early career researchers, PhD-students, Master students (max 5), professionals, in a field related to health care. Experience in qualitative research is not required.

Course description

CfA: Summer school Product | Service | System design in Health Care


Intensive 5-day programme focused on health care-context immersion, using practical / digital methods for thinking (research + inspiration) and doing (prototyping + testing). 


Campus Mutsaard, University of Antwerp, Belgium


2 - 6 July 2018


Master students; Design and other professionals working in the field of health care; Service Design Network (SDN) Belgium members.  Depending on the profile, 3rd year Bachelor students can be accepted as well.


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