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The Left and Nationalism Monthly Series: "Coming to an End"

After nine months and seven exciting posts, our The Left and Nationalism Monthly Series draws to an end. Thanks to our contributors for their valuable insights and to our followers for their attention.

It has been an exciting and stimulating discussion. In the course of the seven posts that have composed our The Left and Nationalism Monthly Series, we have dealt with a broad range of both theoretical and empirical matters learning a great many things.

Call for papers. Tribute to Professor Yoro Khary Fall‘s outstanding contribution to Higher Education both in theory and practice Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar November 28th-30 th, 2018

Professor Yoro Khary FALL (1949 – 2016) was a scholar with mutidimensional academic talents.  The numerous and rich testimonies expressed during the announcement of his death by his former teachers, colleagues, friends and students are a demonstration and recognition of his reputation as a man and as a university lecturer

Invitation to publish in French Colonial History / Invitation à publier dans French Colonial History

French Colonial History, the official journal of the French Colonial Historical Society, publishes peer-reviewed research articles, review essays, forums and reflections addressing all aspects of the history of French colonization and of the French colonies.  The editors of FCH invite conference participants to submit their work for possible publication. Submissions are welcomed in English or French concerning any geographical area or chronological period of French overseas expansion, including the metropole and the postcolonial.  

TOC - Hebrew Union College Annual Volume 88

Hello, We are pleased to announce the publication of Hebrew Union College Annual Vol. 88

1 The Battle of Beth Zechariah in Light of a Literary Study of 1 Maccabees 6:32–47
Amram Tropper, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

29 Was There a Separate Transmission of Tosefta Tohorot? Evidence from Rishonim and from Fragments of the Cairo and “European” Genizas
Binyamin Katzoff, Bar-Ilan University


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